In 2006, Ken, Martin and Michael join to form a band. As time passes, Martin’s cousin Chimi join the band, both have been friends with Ken years ago.
This is how the band started to form, discovering and proving the talents of each one.
In that year, Ken traveled to Japan for 2 years, and the band was still playing, improving the style and the harmony between them.
2008, Ken returned to join again and start the project of an original band.
2 members on keyboards provided good tunes to the songs, and the band goes ahead.
Since then Akasia is writing songs and rehearsing, to come into the world with his music and new style of rock.
During mid-2011 to early 2012, Akasia was recording his first album in the studio “Amigos”, which was produced by Edmundo Delgado.
Akasia has participated in festivals of the Japanese community in Peru as Matsuri 2009, 2010, 2011, where more than 10.000 people attended, Softnyx Party 2011, a videogame event in “Plaza San Miguel”, and Nippon Ganbare 2011, a charity event to support Japan after the earthquake.

2012, Akasia releases his first album “RE:SONAR” , under the label of Play Music & Video, and performed live in “Antica de Barranco” on April 20th. Also its first music video for the song “Siento”, produced by “La Furia Films” was shown that night.
Akasia now is promoting his album and looking for national and international gigs, trying to arise in the musical scene and writing new songs for the next production.