Airway Lanes is a band from Melbourne, Australia. The band released their debut album "In Vino Veritas" in May 2008. Their debut EP Airway Lanes, was released mid-2006. History: Airway Lanes formed in late 2004 after Dan Hall decided to leave his band Taxiride to refine his songwriting talents over the next few years. He hooked up with fellow musician Chris Hawker and began playing a couple of shows as a duo. Paul 'Spyder' Marret and Glen 'Scrub' Evans filled out the band and they started doing live shows. They soon signed to Indie label 'Dust Devil Music'. They recorded an EP with producer Jimi Maroudas. The band's sound is a very guitar-based melodic rock sound with attention to lyrical content. According to some people, the band sound very much like R.E.M. or The Replacements at their early best, with bursts of The Smiths and Nirvana inspired guitar work. The track earmarked for radio is "Desire", the EPs opening track. Airway Lanes has just released its debut album 'In Vino Veritas'. The first single from the album is 'Don't Let Go' Hall/Hawker. It was the highest download on iTunes during the first week of 2008 in Australia. After a five year hiatus, it was recently announced that Airway Lanes are reforming to play some select shows in late 2013 and early 2014, yet this has not been confirmed. Members: As of 2006, Airway Lanes consisted of: Dan Hall - Guitar, piano and vocals, Chris Hawker - Guitar and vocals, Scrubby - Bass guitar, Spyder - Drums and vocals

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