Against All Evil’s first EP self titled finished in February of 2012, and from there the band begins to focus on playing live and pushing their EP. They have been played on the two Windsor Rock Radio stations, 89X and 100.7 The Rock. AAE were the 11th most played indy band on 89X for 2012. AAE has opened for Gob, Bleeker Ridge, and Protest the Hero in Windsor. They look to get their American Visa's in the new year, playing many more shows in Canada and the States. AAE will be releasing their new single We Ignite early in the new year, and will continue heading into the studio to create new rock tunes for their fans.
Against All Evil is a hybrid of many rock sounds that grace the airwaves. There are metal and punk rock influences that meld with a hard and melodic rock feel. The goal is not just to write good songs, but hit songs, songs that mean something to its audience. We want our fans to be able to relate to the songs, for them to feel the energy, emotion and passion we have portrayed in each song, and to be able to use it, rely on it, when they need somewhere to turn. To us music is there to get you through something, over something, and to give that rush to go out and perform well, work hard, and play harder.