Afterlife is UK chillout producer/writer/remixer Steve Miller. He has had a number of tracks on the Cafe Del Mar series. Rachel Lloyd was one of the earliest vocalists on Miller's albums, including the track "Dub In Ya Mind". The latest vocals on the new Afterlife album "Electrosensitive" Bargrooves/Defected 2009 are courtesy of Angela Neve and Juanita Grande. In 1995, Afterlife released the debut self-titled album Afterlife (Ripe Recordings 1995). Afterlife's highpoint to date came in 2004 with the album 'Speck Of Gold' (2004) which included the successful single "Sunrise". In 2005 Miller producer James Bright to release the critically acclaimed album Northern Lights. In June 2010 Miller teamed up with Chris Coco to release The Sun Rising.

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