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Official Site: | @aeontheace
Who Is Aeon The Ace!?

“It was said that an artist will spark a change or shift in Hip-Hop, which will lead to the evolution and transformation of the art itself". This artist is Ronald "Aeon" Lewis. Aeon is A Brooklyn born native who's passion for music inspired him to develop skills in Songwriting, Producing, Performing, and Audio Engineering at an early age. With these acquired skills he then further developed his artistic expression with his distinct style, voice, witty flow, deliverance and conviction.

Recently graduating from Full Sail University, a school for media and technology in Winter Park, Florida he studied Recording Arts and Music Business, to enhance his engineering skills and music industry expertise; while preparing for the life altering moves he will be making in the near future. During his time at Full Sail University Aeon achieved one of the greatest music awards as he was crowned the "Full Sail Idol". In 2007 Aeon was chosen as one of the top 12 artists in MTV2's Dew Circuit Breakout '07 and has since received national broadcasting. With songs like "Afrika" and "Imagine That" off of his highly anticipated debut album, entitiled "I-Ology" getting audiences excited, there's no doubt that Aeon is getting ready to make some waves n the Hip-Hop World.

On The Album his deep routed lyrics will take you on a first hand audio tour of his life experiences with a new story to tell you as you progress through each track. Hidden within the record is also a positive and uplifting message as opposed to the usual negative condensation with most of the present day rappers. Many have attributed Aeon's universal appeal to his concious rap style and deliverance. In one of Aeon's songs he recites, "You can do anything you want. It takes time; just strive and dont give in." He later explains the concept behind the song and goes on to say, "If you want something bad enough and you work towards it, it can be accomplished even with the odds against you. Nothing is given to you and you only get back what you put in. If you do NOTHING the only thing you will get in return is NOTHING."

With this in mind the ambitious multi-talented individual Aeon proceeds to work hard along with the other members of Be Real Entertainment (an extension of Aeon's musical circle) to make a difference in not only the Hip-Hop world, but the entertainment industry as well.