Contemporary Country
Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Adley never dreamed of big stages, hot lights, and screaming fans. But with a magnetic personality and a contagious smile, it was only a matter of time before the world found Adley and demanded more. A marketing major at Oklahoma State University, Adley decided she wanted to win some extra spending cash - so one afternoon with a couple of sorority sisters by her side, she Googled the phrase “How To Be On Jeopardy.” She had sadly missed the deadline for Jeopardy, but a TV show on NBC called “The Voice” caught her attention. Seeing she missed the deadline to audition for Jeopardy, one of her sorority sisters dared Adley to audition for “The Voice.” Not being one to back down from a dare, Adley agreed. Previously her only experience was singing in front of a few friends at Willie’s Saloon in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Adley made it all the way to the elusive blind audition stage and was given the stamp of approval by fellow Okie Blake Shelton and pop star Christina Aguilera. “I about died,” Stump says. “I couldn’t believe it! I knew my life had instantly changed.”

Adley recognizes that this stroke of fate would bring a lot of hard work.
“Since ‘The Voice,” I have worked harder than I ever imagined to take this torch and begin a wildfire. I think the instant recognition the show brought ignited a unique sense of gratefulness in me. I have friends who wanted to sing since they were two years old! They would give their left leg to have half of what I was given so quickly. So each day, I work to create. I work to give back, and I believe the Lord has trusted me with something. And that empowers me with a mentality and attitude that will stop at nothing to create music people love and a brand people can identify with.”

Adley has stayed busy since her run on “The Voice,” launching her own hair accessory line “The Adley Stump Collection” by BBT Style that is currently carried in 25 boutiques nationwide. Adley began her own web series called “Get Stumped with Adley Stump” in which she “stumps” fans with funny, random acts of kindness. Most notable so far was stealing Joe Diffie’s car, talking Nissan into a sponsorship, and giving the car away to Moore, OK tornado victims who lost their home, their transportation and their child in the 2013 storms.

Adley is now working with a team of music industry icons that are continuing to use film and television to magnify Adley’s stage presence, humor, for a new television presence and reality show launching in 2015.

Additionally, both of Adley’s latest musical releases have broken the iTunes Top 40 Country Charts within 12 hours and Adley is currently being featured as 1 of 12 celebrity icons that have made a name for themselves independently in the book “How They Sell Music” being set to release Spring 2015. Adley will tell her story and inspire other artists around the world to follow their dreams and teach them how to make a living with their music.

Needless to say, there is a demand for nearly everything Adley Stump puts out into the universe. Fans can rest assured Adley is only at the beginning of what she will accomplish in the next few years.

Adley released a new single & video “Stay At Home Soldier” on April 7th, and is releasing a Deluxe, re-mastered version of “Like This” with 2 new tracks on May 19th.

“Adley’s personality and talent can light up a whole room.” - BLAKE SHELTON
“A superior powerhouse.” – YAHOO Music
“Significant confidence and vocal prowess.” - BILLBOARD
“That girl has some MAJOR chops!” - CHRISTINA AGUILERA

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