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Official Site: | @aPlaceInTimeMD
A Place In Time from Washington, DC has been described as “A blend of
youth, drive, and skill”. Formed in August 2010, the group has self released 3
albums , and has been recognized internationally, and globally through many
media outlets such as PropertyOfZack,, Alternative Press
Magazine, AMP Magazine, and many others.
The group has sucessfully built a dedicated fan base with their unique blend
of contemporary pop/rock/Alternative, with many influences that span a wide
variety of genres, including classical, funk, jazz, and progressive rock. A
Place In Time’s dedication to touring and playing shows, as well as their comunnication with fans, has led them to become an underdog in the underground Alternative music scene. The group has recieved commercial, non
commercial, and online radio airplay from their last 3 albums, with over
3,000 sales/downloads on alone.
Recovering from many trials in the past year, the band has begun writing the
much anticipated follow up to their 2012 EP “Transitions”, with a “new
sound”, and more touring plans to follow. The band has shared the stage with
many well known acts, such as Handguns, Forever Came Calling, With The
Punches, City Lights, and many more.