The musical world hasn’t seen nor heard anything like the unique compound sound that is Momentum and Tone Touch. The dynamic duo has been known for hits since the release of their first mixtape, via CD Baby, Ground Work Vol. 1 in early 2005. Each and every mixtape after that was even more noteworthy than the last. 20 Nickelz is looking to take the industry by storm and lead the way with their all new motto K.N.O.L.U.V., meaning Knowledge Never Oppressed Living Under Violence.
20 Nickelz consists of two incredible lyricists; Anthony Williams from Chicago, Illinois: aka Momentum, and Antonio Simmons from Walterboro, South Carolina: aka Tone Touch. Momentum has been writing and creating music for 18 years, honing his skills since childhood to become the best at what he does on the mic. As an artist his delivery is powerful and concise ripping instrumentals to shreds as he drops bar after bar. Momentum has one of those flows that one must be very talented to complement. That’s where his musical partner Tone Touch comes in. Tone Touch has a strong music background in the church; singing in the choir at the early age of seven helped him to become the musically inclined artist he is today. As a conscious emcee he delivers hard hitting facts and untold truths in his music, letting the pain of the streets from trafficking charges to jail time out in 16 bars. This is what makes his music so relatable and why his undeniable talents compliment Momentum’s so well, and also why 20 Nickelz will rise to the top.

To learn more about 20 Nickelz visit their official website or follow them on twitter @20nickelz your ears will thank you for it.

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