New Wave
Fearfully led by gas station mogul, A.J. "Stumpy" Johnson (who allegedly won the band in a Vegas card game), who whips the band into a frenzy of pseudo-excellence by hurling insults at band members on and off the stage in a non-stop tirade, Stumpy keeps them in line by making sure each band member's salary is well below the poverty line.

With 13 catalog releases under their belt (including a Boxed Set!) 2SJ has been on the wrong side of supply & demand their entire career. Band members come in and out like a revolving door of misunderstood caricatures, usually with lawsuits settled out of court. Despite getting dropped from failing record labels, changing agents, lawyers & publicists like used undies and having no media attention whatsoever, fans in the dozens continue to demand more albums and shows!

With mini-bouts of reunion tours (including an "acoustic/storytellers" run - documented on Sirus/XM Satellite Radio) & hiatuses since their (timely) breakup in 2003, 2SJ continues to threaten to reunite for another quasi-moneymaking venture for their owner, manager & spiritual adviser, A.J. Stumpy Johnson.