Harlem's confrontational 2 Black 2 Strong came with the backing of MMG, a collective that included members Mean Gene, Johnny Marrs, Warchild, C Dogg, and Dark Chocolate. Doin' Hard Time on Planet Earth, 2 Black 2 Strong's 1991 album, was prefaced the previous year with the Burn Baby Burn EP. The cover of the EP depicted a burning U.S. flag and tipped off the subject matter of the title track. When Relativity's In-Effect offshoot attempted to press promotional copies, its tape manufacturer refused to comply. Eventually, it was pressed up through another source. 2 Black 2 Strong's continued testing of freedom of speech was met with resistance, especially since "Burn Baby Burn" included the line, "F*ck the red, white and blue." His solid album also tackled issues like the war on drugs, police brutality, and other inner-city plights. ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi