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“13 Below”

Metal Band all original out of Orlando, Florida. Eclectic combination of artists:
“13 Below” is a Metal Melodic yet in your face real style of music that combines raw, headbanging metal power with soul force. The songs are original, catchy riffs, hypnotic screaming leads and raw melodic vocals. Influences range from Pantera, Evanessance, Halestorm, Pat Benatar,. Ronnie James Dio, Janis Joplin and Metalica.
Kellena and Kenny Barber happened to meet at a time where Kenny had a hyatis from previous band:”Naphobioa” and eager to form another project. They met up with Tim Loud from “Loud Studios”:The reecording “mastermind” behind the Sepurtura Albulm- Tim was instumental in bringing our sound to life as well as academy award winning Producer/Engineer Jay Stanley of J. Stanley Productions. Jay had worked with Machbox 20, Tabitha's Secret,Sevendust and Creed and was honored to do the final mixdown on the album.
13 Below's” first studio album “Living the Dream features 10 incredible and aggressive unique tracks, including the lead single “It's Over Now” Lead Vocalist, Kellena Barber, wrote it for her drummer Greg Tally in a time when it was hard to say goodbye to someone he loved. An unorthodoxed style entry for the album came from true experience ”. Greg Talley's Piano melody captures the feeling and brings you into the moment. All in all, the albulm features many different styles of music and is sure to please many an audience.
More to come..........

Lead Gutarist:
Kenny Barber: formerly in Band: an incredible kick butt and take names later style of guitarist you will be swept off your feet and saying, "Thank you! God! Yes! This just happened".Naphobia , Necyomancy, Punishment has opened for: Agent Orange, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Sin Of Angels, Incarnation, Pain Principal and many more,

Kellena Barber: Opera Trained , Cuts straight to your heart with her many octave range and draws you into the moment an unexpected driving force that can be alluring and then in your face it will leave you wanting more, Her previous bands include:Creep, Amen, Luza and Mutha Funka. Opened up for: Deicide, Cranberries, Molly Hatchet, Adelida's Way and more...

Greg Tally: 80's- 2013's tear it up style can bring you down to earth and shoot you to the sky with his blast beat, rock you to your head banging core. Previous bands: Machina, Carnival Crew, Pop A Wheelee, Rednek Messiah.

Bassist: Ken Kimbal: Nicknamed the “Wicked Pissah” New Hampshire transplant can ride any rythum that you place in front of him totally engulfing in the moment Funky, Head banging style. Previous Bands: Frogwater, Rednek Messiah, Band Outback, Ryan Weaver, Luza